Gérard Père et Fils: Kempinski Boutique – Episode 1/6

On the road to Basel World 2013, Ping Dubai teamed up with Virtuosity magazine to bring you the story of Gérard Père et Fils. Discover a new world of cigars and fine living through this exclusive miniseries.

The Gérard boutique at Grand Hotel Kepminski in Geneva, inaugurated in 1980, was the first place in the world to be a cigar lounge offering a high selection of handmade cigars. Gérard Père et Fils customers vary from those who are smoking their first cigar, to people who venture into trying different types, onto cigar aficionados. The brand strives to work “like a cook for the blend, and like an architect for the construction of the cigar.”

Enjoy watching Episode 1/6.