Exclusive interview with Eddie Sahakian, Davidoff London – Episode 1/3


PingDubai.com brings you an exclusive interview with Eddie Sahakian, Director at Davidoff of London, and the son of the renowned Edward Sahakian who opened the business in 1980 ,  to give you an exclusive insight. PingDubai also visited the Davidoff shop in London at the 35 James Street to get a closer look at the art of cigar business in England.

Edward and Eddie both consider it important that the customers leave satisfied with their smoking pleasure. Check out this interview with Eddie Sahakian who gave PingDubai a review of how the business started and how the managed to elevate it to international levels to become one of the most successful cigar shops in the world.

“If you are passionate about cigars,  if you are passionate about the good things in life, if you enjoy the simple pleasure of taking time out and savoring a luxurious product then the cigar business is a wonderful business to be in,” Eddie Sahakian

Enjoy Episode 1 with Eddie Sahakian.

Davidoff of London – 35 St James’s Street, London SW1A 1HD – Tel: +44  20 7930 3079

Edward Sahakian Cigar shop – Bulgari Hotel & Residences 171 Knightsbridge, London SW7 1DW