Arturo Fuente Cigars Launch The Dubai Exclusivo During The Mr. Ping Life Cigar World Tour

Our Mr. Ping Life Cigar World Tour has been the platform for many firsts, many cigar anniversaries, many joyful times! Since its inception, the Tour has hosted annual Arturo Fuente cigar events, and our November 2017 one was yet another big hit. The special night, co-hosted with Allied Foods & Trading, Fuente’s distributors in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and S.T. Dupont, was centered around the unveiling of the first ever Dubai Exclusivo, an all-new release from the Carlito Especial Reserva Limitada. As always, our dear friend Carlos Fuente Jr. was the star of the evening, welcoming everyone with positivity and fire for life. Carlito shared deep emotions and thoughts, explaining more about the Dubai Exclusivo and voicing his love for the ‘city of life’.

Around a hundred guests gathered at Mercury Lounge at the Four Seasons Jumeirah which was turned into a Chateau De La Fuente, in anticipation of the Dubai Exclusivo launch. The special cigar comes in a 52 and a 56 format, in fancy wooden boxes created specially for this edition. The 52 is a slow burner, with peppery notes, and ranges from medium to strong. The 56 has a nice buildup, going from strong to stronger in 3 parts, with an intensely strong finale making it indeed a full bodied cigar. Both formats, and even more so the 56, have a nice hold.

The crowd was surprised by the enchanting voice of our energetic singer who suddenly appeared, just like a ‘Desert Dream‘, on the balcony of the high tower while performing Rodrigo Amarante’s Tuyo -also known as the Narcos theme song. Joining her band down below, she cast a lively vibe across the whole venue. On the other side of the terrace, cigar roller Virginia rolled tobacco leaves into lovely cigars in front of curious eyes. While walking around the lounge, aiming to “Be Exceptional”, guests tried a wide selection of S.T.Dupont lighters, cutters and pens, and admired the brand’s fine leather goods.

The Dubai Exclusivo is available at Dubai Duty Free only, giving it an even more exclusive and upscale aspect. So, if you are an avid cigar smoker and aren’t traveling any time soon, this cigar might just be worth booking a flight very soon…

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