A Success Story: Blancpain At Baselworld 2015

When we inquired about Blancpain’s biggest success story at Baselworld 2015, Alain Delamuraz was proud to share the investments the brand made in global worldwide partnerships, specifically referencing the recent success with the Pristine Seas Expedition Program with National Geographic.

Blancpain NatGeo

Although the establishment of Blancpain dates back to 1735, Dr. Delamuraz asserted that innovation is an imperative part of the company’s tradition. Commenting on Blancpain’s culture of innovation, he believes that “In watchmaking art, you must be innovative enough without cutting with the heritage[…]” and that “[…] you must keep the relation with the roots.”

Briefly touching upon some of their women’s novelties, Ladies BlancpainAlain commented on the respect owed to ladies watches and the increasing intelligence of the female consumer. He said that previous misconceptions led people to believe that “[…] ladies watches were a reduction of the men’s watch,” however, he asserted that in no way are Blancpain’s ladies watches a reduced watch. The brand invests years of research, development and thinking behind each ladies line to create a complication unique to each timepiece.

Blancpain ladies

“Without emotion there is nothing great on this earth.”

We all know there is a tendency to generalize that Middle EastBlancpain Skeleton consumers like “bling bling”, however, when speaking with Alain about brand perception in the Middle East, he announced that the assumption is disrespectful. He believes that the Middle East consumer is clever and sensitive to the culture behind watchmaking and to what is put into the watch.

We concluded by chatting about the importance of emotion in customer relationships with the Blancpain product. Delamuraz’ vision is to have 100% of their customers feel emotionally invested: “Without emotion there is nothing great on this earth.”