The Floating Seahorse, Your Pied-A-Mer In Dubai

Just when you thought Dubai couldn’t get anymore outrageous, they go and do this… And we’re so glad they did!

Known for its outlandish real estate expansion and development projects (think man made islands, 7-star resorts and indoor ski slope), Dubai has outdone itself…AGAIN!


Oftentimes, we see futuristic renderings of over-the-top concept accommodations, few of which materialize and come to market. But behold! The other week, The Heart of Europe and Kleindienst Group hosted an event to showcase their latest futuristic project to potential investors. Craving peace, tranquility and reprieve from the bustling city of Dubai? In the market for a private ocean hideaway? Just two miles off the coast lies your ultimate pied-a-mer!

Enter: The Floating Seahorse.


Not lucky enough to be one of the millionaire pursuants in attendance? We’ve got you covered with a portfolio of renderings that the Kleindienst Group has released to prospective ocean occupants lining up to secure their luxe floating lair.

Housed within a community of 42 private sea villas, these lavish buoyant homes will float amongst The World Island in the Persian Gulf. Boasting three stories, including a fully submerged underwater bedroom and bathroom on the lower floor, a sea-level living room, dining room, open concept kitchen area, outdoor deck and an upper deck featuring a glass-bottom hot tub, shower, kitchenette, and mini bar – The Floating Seahorse is sure to impress even the most discerning of sea-dwelling hopefuls.



An initial prototype has officially been launched near its intended footprint off of The World Islands and is open to any prospective buyers sporting a couple commas in their paycheck. While this might be the first you’re hearing of The Floating Seahorse -it certainly won’t be the last. Developmental plans include several phases, multiple editions and ancillary sister-projects that will populate the neighborhood.

Floated in by our friend PassportProvocateur