Inspired by Nature – Dornbracht Transforms Water

The physical and mental good that water can do to us has been known for centuries. There is no doubt water influences our wellbeing. As a source of spiritual strength, an energy-transmitter, or purifier of the mind, water has the power to calm body, mind and soul or to invigorate, stimulate and liberate.

Inspired by nature, Dornbracht turns showering into a unique experience that awakens all your senses. Different types of rain, mist, light and fragrances complement each other in complex choreographies, transporting the showering experience into a new dimension. The result is total relaxation. Tension in the head and muscles melts away, everyday stress is rinsed away with the water; body and mind are noticeably revitalized.

Sensory Sky Dornbracht 1

Sensory Sky – The feeling of showering in the open air: The wide, flat rain panel has separate shower fields for head sprinkler, body sprinkler and rain curtain, a cold-water fog nozzle and light and fragrance functions. Sensory Sky provides a selection of three pre-programmed choreographies: READJUST sharpens the senses with mist, warm rain and a pleasantly soft dry forest fragrance. RELEASE is as cleansing and liberating as intensive summer rain – accompanied by a fresh, tropical-like fragrance.  REJOICE protects, envelops and stabilises. Water drops sparkle in all the colours of the rainbow. Product design: Sieger Design / Choreography: Schienbein + Pier / Photos: Markus Jans / Copyright: Dornbracht

Horizontal Shower Dornbracht

Horizontal Shower – The Horizontal Shower provides, for the first time, a reclining shower experience. The application combines six water bars, set above a reclining space, with an eTOOL acting as a main control element. Three pre-programmed choreographies allow selection of Balancing, Energising or Distressing effect. Product design: Sieger Design / Photos: Thomas Popinger / Copyright: Dornbracht

DEQUE Dornbracht

DEQUE – The low basin-hugging form of the Deque cascade spout for the bath rim draws the eye to the water’s delivery method. Product design: Sieger Design / Photos: Thomas Popinger / Copyright: Dornbracht