The Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle: An International Swapping Of Chefs

GELINAZ! never repeats itself; the Chef Massimo Botturaconcept is constantly developing and adapting to unpredictable situations by charting new territories and redefining creativity. A culinary hub bringing together artists, musicians, scientists, thinkers and producers with chefs, it pushes the boundaries of collaborations in the hospitality industry. It is not about voting, judging and winning, and is essentially about sharing knowledge on an international level, discovering new ingredients, learning new practice and offering the diner a unique, exciting experience. This year’s edition, the 2015 The Grand GELINAZ! Shuffle, sees 37 of the world’s most acclaimed chefs including 3 Michelin Star Alain DucasseMassimo Bottura and Massimilliano Alajmo, participate in an unprecedented international  ‘swap’. Each chef has willingly participated in a global lottery that will assign them a country and restaurant where they will cook in the new kitchen, and also live with their new “local” colleague in their home, participate in their daly life and getting immersed in the local staff’s culture and cooking ways.

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From Japan to Chile, Brazil to Slovenia,Photo by Nicholas Gill France, Turkey, Sweden, Thailand, Australia, UK, Italy, Peru, Spain, Canada, Belgium, Denmark and throughout the United States, the chefs will travel to their destination country -which will only be announced to the public on July 9, the day of the dinner- three days before the event, to prepare a unique eight-course menu with the local team. During that preparatory timeframe, chefs will have full access to the restaurant’s know-how and style to develop and experiment with ingredients for the rigorous construction of the new one-day menu. Ingredients will have to be sourced locally and dishes prepared based on the energy of the restaurant’s location merged with the chef’s culinary experience. 

On July 9, the 37 chefs will simultaneously serve their unique eight-course menus to food and fine-dining aficionados at fellow chefs’ restaurants on different continents, as the event is not exclusive and is open to the general public (who can buy tickets online as of May 13). The Grand GELINAZ! Shuffle promises to be an exciting feast to all the senses and we can’t wait to discover what’s coming, as the styles, kitchen practices, structures, approaches and front of house philosophies of participating restaurants will be shared with transparency.

Online selling starts on May 13, 2015