La Petite Maison: The French Experience in Dubai

After Nice, London, New York and Moscow, comes Dubai, and soon Beirut.

With a boisterous and casual atmosphere, “Le Petite Maison” has hosted the likes of French president Nicolas Sarkozy among others… why wouldn’t I want to check out what the whole trend is all about!
Before going into my personal experience, I would like to point out a few rumors that I have heard prior to trying the renowned place and my opinion about each.

Rumor 1: The best French restaurant in town: Yes, and by far.
Rumor 2: It follows its international standard applied in all its venues around the world: Very true. I was impressed.
Rumor 3: “La Petite Maison” serves small portions. I say why not, especially when the waiter encourages you to try more things on the menu while sharing what you have ordered. The more you taste the more you will enjoy at a reasonable price.

As we arrived to “La Petite Maison”, we are welcomed with the happiest and most smiling staff I have seen yet in Dubai. The waiters, mostly off French and British nationalities, seemed ecstatic to be there. Everywhere you turned, people were simply happy. I found that to be very positive, especially when you feel that the staff are all friends, they work as a team, or rather a family.

Going into the small details – everything is up to par to a five star restaurant and the best detail I can state is the “Badoit” sparkling water. In my opinion, the best water you can taste and is not usually found anywhere else out of France.

The decoration is warm, cozy and clear – very straight to the point. The best part of design is the ability to see the chefs cooking everything, which assures freshness.


Let’s Taste!
For starters we ordered the Nicoise Olive Tapenade. It was good, fresh and chopped pieces of Olives, served with slices of toasted bread, thin enough to have the crispy effect. I would have preferred it without the garlic, which was a bit too strong and overpowered the taste of the olives.

Afterwards the Burrata: Its half a burratta, cherry tomatoes with basil and vinaigrette (sauce vinaigrette doux). It is simply awesome. So simple, so fresh and so tasty. The “Salade de Crustaces” that’s with crabs and lobsters, is incredibly fresh.

They are presented inside a small bowl, seated on crushed ice with some green decoration.

Different Vegetables, freshly cut are the main ingredient of all plates at “La Petite Maison.”

The bread, on another hand is as fresh as the vegetables, with crunchy Borders and soft core.
And to finish the “Carpaccio de Coquille St. Jacques”, with roasted almonds, gros sel, green onions and dried raisin. The almonds add an impressive unique taste. It is by far the best coquille i have ever tasted in my life.
Reaching the main part of this exquisite lunch we ordered the “Daurade au Citron”: It’s a big portion for two persons, cooked on the grill giving it a magnificent red color. Recommended by the sited, we wanted to try it: it was a very good choice.

I cannot stop saying it again each time I remember. Everything at “La Petite Maison” is so simple and amazingly prepared, to a certain extend its so magical. Afterwards we had the “Ragout de boeuf”: pasta with beef and mushrooms sauce, cooked at perfect temperature, mixed with beef pieces, small and big mushrooms.

During dinner I felt that my friend, sitting in front of me a bit disrupted. He was facing the outside windows. The lower part of the windows are closed with White curtains so he had to look at a White mixed surface of walls and curtains during all dinner time. I would recommend to remove this decoration part, to make the 15 persons on this line (this is on what side of the restaurant) comfortable, looking at the view outside the DIFC community.

Deserts, varie between fruits, sorbet and a large variety of cakes and ice creams. We had the “Pain Perdue et sa glade aux epices”: It’s more of a rectangular long shaped and not as it normally is the conventional square sandwich bread. It melts in your mouth forcing you to close your eyes and say: Mmm… the ice cream has a pronouced taste, covered with pieces of caramel.

In a nutshell, the true taste of Nice is experienced in the heart of the UAE, Dubai!


Service             5/5
Atmosphere      5/5
Food                 5/5
Price                 5/5

La Petite Maison opens 7 days a weak, lunch and dinner time. 

For more info and reservations call +971 4 439 0505 or visit