Cavalli Club Announces its May 2011 Seasonal Menu – For the Love of Asparagus

A diverse range of succulent dishes are carefully combined with tender asparagus to deliberately deliver sheer delight to the taste buds. The selection includes quail eggs, poulet de bresse, roast spring lamb, risotto and creamy gratin.

Head Chef at Cavalli Club, speaking on the new menu said, “Receiving that first batch of a seasonal vegetable is a special moment for a chef that defines the year.Having a short seasonal span, food lovers should not miss on our limited asparagus menu which will run throughout the course of this month. Our dishes will be sure to leave your mouth watering.”

The Cavalli Club’s ‘Seasonal Menu’ will satisfy the most discerning of palates. Head to Dubai’s finest restaurant to partake and enjoy the city’s indisputable number one stylish dining experience.