Anniversario No3 Review: The Making of the Great Pleasure

Davidoff Aniversario № 3 is a six inch by 50 ring gauge, The Davidoff Aniversario № 3 has caramel natural brown, U.S.- grown Connecticut wrapper. It is velvety to the touch, although there is some prominent large veins that bring masculinity bold statement. Dominican binder, perfectly roll on the Dominican filler, with a balanced draw through the experiences.

Santana at The Emirates Airline Dubai Jazz FestivalI start by lit the № 3 with flat flame torch, flat flame torch lighters have the characteristic of  less intense flame and the heat isn’t directed to a pin point area, instead, you can experienced a large coverage area, on the cigar foot, with this magnificent gadget, you can achieve a low temperature lit, with out burning the filler, which will led to a bitter chalky initial taste. After the № 3 was perfectly lit, I proceed to cut approximately half of the cup, using a large jaw scissors, after cutting № 3, I continue to reverse draw to clear the foot.

Santana at The Emirates Airline Dubai Jazz Festival

1st Half
Throughout the 1st half, I experienced a beautiful luster and a perfect fire ring; the ash was almost pure white, which indicate that, the filler come from an area where the soil is rich in potassium. The pairing on this half was with Fighting cock Bourbon; № 3 was excellent balance flavor and aroma, however, the Fighting cock Bourbon, wasn’t the optimal drink for № 3.

2nd Half
Surprising, switching to Elijah Craig 18 Years Bourbon, pairing the experience was more delicate, now, I can experience creamier woody taste, and full aroma of leafs after light rain in the forest, the aroma of the wrapper after marriage with the smoke, was straight forward, walnuts and cedar, with a delicate feminine touch of truffles, half way, the ash broke off, but still, firm, solid, and, bright white color, after the ash broke, the flavor change a little, to a full flavor but not bitter, could be because the foot was exposed and start to burn little hotter, however, № 3, maintained the distinctive trajectory of flavors and aromas.

If you don’t believe me….. Ask the ashtray.

Enjoy some photos from the event.



REVIEW by Armando Nunez