Fuente Opus X 2020: the colors of the UAE flag revisited on Cinco de Mayo

Back in December 2019, the world discovered the new OpusX 2020. During the event, the reviews were stellar and friends of MrPing left the evening surprised by the OpusX 2020‘s rich but not overpowering flavors. It was yet another success of one of the Toy Maker’s creation, mi Hermano Carlito Fuente Jr.

The OpusX 2020 is a Dominican puro, same as any OpusX, incorporating tobacco from the Fuente family’s Chateau de la Fuente farm located in Bonao, Dominican Republic. It comes in an incredibly beautiful box shaped like the Blue OpusX (20th anniversario), but with the UAE flag colors, red, white, green, and black.

It is delivered in a box of 20, each cigar has 2 bands with the same flag colors, and a special tag line, Por Amor del Desierto. All three vitolas are packaged in boxes of 20 and remain very limited in yearly production.

The OpusX 2020 is more than a cigar to enjoy, It has a story to tell. We revisited the cigar 5 months after its launch and 10 months from the first tasting and it is still developing. It is getting better with flavors stimulating your mouth and the aroma transporting you to the 1001 nights. It takes you to a dreamy desert dune in the middle of the night, looking at the stars and enjoying a breath of fresh air while your feet are sinking into the silky sands.

While it remains a FuenteFuente OpusX the OpusX 2020 has something the others don’t. It hits you with flavors gradually, almost like it was designed to be enjoyed at your own pace. From start to finish it delivers earth, cedar and floral notes that evolve crescendo from the first until the final third.

Like everything the Fuente Family does, the OpusX 2020 has a story, a story of genuine love Let me tell you the story of Carlito Fuente Jr’s love for Dubai. He often says, “From the moment my foot first touched the sand, my eyes fixed on the horizon and I experienced the unique scent that only the desert can offer; I immediately realized how much affection I had developed for the UAE.”

I was personally there when Carlito landed in the UAE for the first time. We drove to the Desert which was off schedule and Carlito himself didn’t know where we were going, I’ve never seen him nervous like that, though it was a nice little dune bashing ride.

We were going to shoot a campaign in the Dubai Desert and I still have this scene in my head. Carlito putting his feet in the silky sands of the Dubai Desert, looking at the horizon and laughing like a child, telling us “this is surreal”. That was all before his speech at the Hublot Classic Fusion Forbidden X Hublot watch global launch where he described Dubai as the luxury gateway to the world.

Carlito couldn’t believe it, he described the whole experience as surreal and that was the birth of the idea to create a perfect cigar like the perfect city Dubai is.

5 Years later, the Opus X 2020 was revealed from Dubai to the World. 

Like the original Fuente OpusX, the cigar uses tobacco from the Fuente family’s Chateau de la Fuente in El Caribe, Dominican Republic. It is being offered in three sizes

– Fuente Fuente OpusX 2020 Arena d’Amor (5 x 52)

– Fuente Fuente OpusX 2020 Sol d’Amor (6 1/8 x 55)

– Fuente Fuente OpusX 2020 Viento d’Amor (6 x 58)

OpusX 2020 is a partnership between Fuente and Zainal Mohebi Holdings, the company’s distributor in the UAE, and the Meerapfel family, which handles the Arturo Fuente International distribution outside of the U.S. These Cigars are rare collectibles only available in the UAE cigar shops and Dubai Duty-Free.

Por Amore del Desierto is a cigar to celebrate life at its best. If you have a special moment to celebrate, it is that cigar you should be happy to share and smoke with the closest to your heart.

Love is all you need in life.