Davidoff At IPCPR 2016

At this year’s International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association  –IPCPR– in Las Vegas, famed cigar makers Davidoff presented its newest cigar range, the Davidoff Yamasá, an intense exhilaration in taste that was 20 years in the making! Just like the brand;s founder, pioneer and explorer Zino DavidoffHenke Kelner, Davidoff’s globally acclaimed cigar visionary, is fueled by the same spirit…


In his quest to create new tastes, experiences and pleasures for cigar aficionados, his team of experts and he ended up in the Yamasá region, a harsh and unforgiving swampland that seemed ultimately unsuitable for growing tobacco. However, Henke persevered, following his vision for 20 years, eventually making his dream come true: the birth of the unencountered, intense and complex flavors and aromas of the Davidoff Yamasá.


The new blend mixes the earthiness of Yamasá with the spice and sweetness of Nicaraguan Estelí and Condega tobaccos. The cigar has appetizing color, shine and oiliness characteristics. The smoke begins with a noticeable spicy Nicaraguan taste right from the start. Beautiful flavors of nut, melted with spice, coffee, cedar wood, earth and black pepper notes swoop in to delight the discerning palate. A deep and complex body slowly reveals itself through the elegantly aged Dominican filler tobaccos. The more intense Yamasá binder and Yamasá wrapper as well as the sweetness of Nicaraguan Condega and the spiciness of Nicaraguan Estelí filler tobaccos combine and deliver an entirely new, exhilarating earthy-spicy-sweet experience. As an ideal pairing, Davidoff suggests a Nicaraguan spicy rum or one from the Dominican Republic. A single malt whisky also marries well with the smoke, complementing the sophistication of the Davidoff Yamasá.

Davidoff Yam

The Yamasá is a tribute to men and women who take on dreams, however big or small, and strive to pursue and achieve them despite the risks and obstacles along the way. The new range is now available in matt folding packs with four cigars and in black wooden boxes with 12/14 cigars at selected appointed merchants in the US and at depositaries and Davidoff flagship stores worldwide.