Christian Vontron Offers Us Deeper Insights Into Davidoff Cigars.

Christian shared with us Davidoff’s strategic plans to tackle future market growth and client segmentation and sophistication. He revealed that he believes there is vast opportunity in untapped markets such as Asia, where Davidoff must introduce their premium cigar brand to discerning consumers.

We went on to discuss a few of major trends in travel retail. Vontron cites that both major and regional airports alike are important places to offer their products, although they must do so in impactful ways as travellers’ time is a premium. Outlets such as airport VIP lounges are an ideal place to reach their target market as the business class consumer coincides with the profile of Davidoff aficionados.

Christian let us in on a recent development: a trend towards “Festival Editions”, hinting that “Dubai might be the first one having the limited edition” and confirming the special edition will be available “very soon.” We’re hoping before the holidays!

Vontron concluded by echoing the sentiments that CEO Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard mentioned when we spoke with him previously, reiterating the importance of discovering and indulging in their new line of Nicaraguan cigars as well as enjoying the original Davidoff.

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