AVO “88“ Limited Edition 2014

The AVO “88” 2014 Limited Edition marks not only the extraordinary 88th birthday of the successful brand’s namesake, Avo Uvezian, but also the success of his musical cigar compositions. The fascination and inspiration of the number 8 in numerology combines playfully with the 88 keys of a grand piano in this perfectly blended cigar. Avo Uvezian has perfected his talent over 88 years. It was always his passions, however, which pushed him to his best performances, both in music and in the composition of his cigars.  He knows, better than any other, how to reflect a love of music in all the nuances of his cigars, and how to share it with every aficionado.

As a result, his new and exciting tobacco creation is complex and sophisticated. The cigar comes in the wonderful Belicoso format and consists of a blend of five different Dominican filler tobaccos and a charismatic Yamasá wrapper.

The flavour progression of the AVO “88” begins with nutty, sweet, and woody notes.  These are followed by dark coffee and pepper flavours, which are very pleasing and long lasting. The cigar’s draw and burn is round and consistent.

The aroma of the AVO “88”’s calls to mind a hymn to life experienced in a sensuous walk around a tobacco plantation, with its rich greenery and lush vegetation, as well as the passion and warmth constantly conveyed by the creations of this famous cigar connoisseur. Just as each keystroke on a grand piano produces a perfect note, the enjoyment of the AVO “88” 2014 Limited Edition provides a flawless harmony of flavours.

The packaging of the innovative product is likewise captivating due to its rhythm and sophistication: the cigar box’s elegant design recalls the spectacular nature of a black grand piano. 16 Belicosos cigars, affixed with Avo’s seal and wrapped with parchment paper printed with 88 piano keys, nestle inside the box. It is a successful, playful design that reflects not only Avo’s passion for the piano and music, but also celebrates his 88th birthday.

Production of the AVO “88” 2014 Limited Edition is limited to 8,888 boxes worldwide. The initial launch of the 16-cigar wooden box in the USA will occur on 20 March 2014. The introduction of the new product can vary from country to country. In Europe, it will take place in May 2014, and the cigars will be available from selected specialist tobacco dealers.


Length 2.06 x 15.2cm

Diameter 6“ x 52 RG

Format Belicoso

Wrapper Yamasá (DR)

Binder Olor / Criollo

Filler Piloto Viso, Piloto Ligero, San Vicente Ligero, Corojo/Olor, Criollo all from the Dominican Republic

Price          USD 16.00 / cigar

USD 256.00 / Box of 16 cigars