While the color gold is often connected to wealth, extravagance, sparkle and loudness, its deeper association is to illumination, compassion, courage and wisdom -attributes we’re all in need of these days. Black, on the other hand, relates almost invariably to power, fear and mystery. But it also represents strength and seriousness, which, mixed with the former more humane characteristics of gold, make up an ideal formula for the world to stand as one in tough times.

In lifestyle, black symbolizes elegance, formality and sophistication; gold goes for glamor and glitz. Here are 5 items to spread magic on your day -and to add to your black and gold wishlist..

Bentley Mulliner Bacalar

The new Mulliner Bacalar, revealed in Crewe, England earlier this month, was presented to the world as the most exclusive and bespoke two-door Bentley of this era. Its ultra-modern ‘Barchetta’ design delivers the ultimate expression of open-top, driver-focused grand touring, in a gold-color body wrapping a black interior, livened up by touches of gold. The exceptional car is limited in 12 examples, guaranteeing its rarity and exclusivity, and has already been allocated to customers from around the world. Talk about precious! We can still dream though…

Bentley Mulliner Bacalar
Bentley Mulliner Bacalar interior

Berluti CNY Limited Edition Alessandro Démesure Venezia Nero Gold

Made from Berluti‘s patented Venezia leather, a leather so supple and fine it permits all kinds of creative audacity -including the special tanning of the CNY Limited Edition Alessandro Démesure‘s tip with a goldish hue- these Oxfords are quite unique. Not only will they attract the attention of everyone in the room, they’ll also let you find that pot of gold at the end of [not the rainbow] your foot!

Alessandro Venezia Nero Gold
Alessandro Venezia Nero Gold

Hublot Classic Fusion Gold Crystal

Hublot recently presented, as part of its 2020 novelties, its very-first watch with a dial boasting the rarest form of gold on Earth: gold crystal. Contrasting with the mysterious blackness of its leather strap and ceramic case, the flamboyance comes from gold crystal leaves made of flakes of gold. A precious design and time feat, the Classic Fusion Gold Crystal is available in 38mm or 45mm, for that extra touch of glamor on his or her wrist,

Givenchy Men’s SS20 Sunglasses

These slick and stylish shades from Givenchy are a nod to vintage sunglasses, with a more squarish design to the oh-so-loved aviator shape. At the crossroad of Max Zorin & Goldfinger [James Bond villains sporting particular glasses], this pair will surely give you a ‘golden eye’.

Dirty Dog Mutant Snowboard Goggles

Since we might be skipping summer season straight to ‘Winter Is Coming’, might as well start planning your next vaca on the slopes. The Dirty Dog Mutant Snowboard Goggles Black Gold Mirror are a 2020 novelty, featuring a magnetic lens changing system. Two different interchangeable colour lenses are included with each pair so that the wearer can quickly adapt to changing weather conditions. Equipped with a special ventilation system using carefully chosen areas for the intake and exhaust of cooling air, the goggles offer extra protection against dangerous lens fogging, thus ensuring an exceptionally clear field of vision. Style and safety!


With gold stocks going up these days, you might as well find a [gold]-lining to this dark situation!