Wild Grasses And Sandy Dunes Take Over Dubai’s Art Scene

Collected from various trips around the world4.terre-anonyme(141117).-89x116cm.-terre,-pigments-et-encre-de-Chine-sur-toile.-2014.(10.500.000KRW-soit-8650Euros), Sung-Pil’s soil palette resurrects different regions, showcasing both the vastness and compactness of our planet. The various types of soil go through a specific procedure before taking the canvas: filtered and diluted with water, it is then mixed with glue, mud and India ink to create abstract textures resembling the texture of the earth. Similar to the effects of rain or wind on a patch of loose sand, the brooklets epitomize the organized diversity of nature’s various movements. The paintings are pried between EUR8,650 and EUR16,500.

Wild Grasses, Sandy Dunesreflects14.terre-anonyme(150301).-130x162cm.-terre,-pigments-et-encre-de-Chine-sur-toile.-2015.(17.500.000KRW-soit-14500-Euros) Chae’s love of and fascination with the various textures and colours of soil that exist around the earth, and his semi-abstract works reveal the steppe of his homeland and emphasizes that everything animate is born from and returns to the earth. “I love earth because it never changes,” says the artist, “even when everything else in this world does. Of the five elements everything began with, it is earth that is at the center. Water, plants, fire, iron exist around it.”

Swing by the exhibition to rediscover the origins of the earth, soil, in shapes and colors.

Opera Gallery Dubai, DIFC, Gate Village, Building #3

+971 4 323 0909