Suspended Time by Chayan Khoi at Evartspace Geneva

While on the week of Patek Philippe 175 years anniversary celebration in Geneva, we had the chance to enjoy the city on our free time, and what is better than Art to do so? Visiting Evartspace at the old city of Geneva was the place to enjoy a different art experience by Chayan Khoi.

Creator of symbolic and fed besides images, Chayan Khoi is a real character. Photographer, painter as well as videographer, creativity applies to all media and us into a strange fantasy world. Sparkling and unusual artist. While in Geneva he will release his extraordinary personality bewitching charm, giving the absolutely surprising works. A meeting place for all fans of the sublime.

Iranian living in Paris he surveyed the planet nine months a year to collect what she beautiful, fragile and ephemeral accumulating a formidable pool of images. His insatiable thirst for invention led him to digital literacy. Combining these images with technology, it is the creator of what he calls the Cyber-realism. Populated desert landscapes of mysterious symbols, works of Chayan Khoi are messages to interpret. The references he uses are universal, they belong to the symbolism of all cultures. Because even though his thought comes from the east, its cultural mix and the many trips he made ​​mixed the influences that characterize his work. Visionary creativity Chayane Khoi collects messages of eternal wisdom.

On the occasion of this fascinating exhibition at the Gallery Evartspace, Chayan Khoi present for the first time its new photographic work in the form of light boxes, surreal creations caskets messages of eternal wisdom.


Events will be on:

Wednesday, September 24 from 18:00 in the presence of Chayan Khoi
On Wednesday 08 October from 18:00
Thursday, October 16 from 18:00 in the presence of Chayan Khoi
Wednesday, November 29 from 18:30 for the evening finishing