Kross Studio’s Batmobile

The newly established design firm, Kross Studio is making its debut by reimagining the 1989 Batmobile and turn it into a desk clock. Driven by Michael Keaton as Batman this iconic design is now available and will surely make your desk way cooler.

Powered by a 30-day movement, this aluminum-bodied clock is a piece of art. Its Art Deco lines and unique design is what allowed it to stay the car of choice for the Dark Knight until the Christopher Nolan reboot.

Kross Studio managed to capture the look of the vehicle while unobtrusively incorporating the clock elements without disrupting the design. The Batmobile clock is equipped with a movement of Kross Studio’s own design and manufacture.

The balance operates at a higher frequency than typical desk clocks. Instead of the 18,000 beats per hour, the movement runs at 21,600 beats per hour, or 3 Hz, which is similar to wristwatch movements. The increased frequency promises more stable timekeeping over time, especially when the balance is subject to shock, which should not happen with a desk clock.

Kross Studio’s maiden product is one that will resonate with a lot of people around the world. It is a product that is at the intersection of watchmaking and pop culture. The Batmobile has a disruptive design but Kross Studio’s version is disruptive by design.