‘Behind The Scenes’ With Jaeger-LeCoultre

This year, the brand has collaborated with Finch & Partners for an original photographic exhibition around ‘The Art of Behind The Scenes’, a series of photographs by some of the world’s most accomplished ‘on-set’ photographers.

Merging the visual art of photogAnne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman on The Graduate © Bob Willoughbyraphy with the 7th art, the exhibition creates a journey back in time to revisit legendary films and the iconic directors or actors behind them. The photos, some of which are extremely rare, were specially curated by photographic expert John Ingledew, and several of them are being exhibited to audiences for the first time. Artisans of haute horlogerie and artists of filmmaking share common passions and creative impulse. They strive to ensure, as well put by Jaeger-LeCoultre, “…that every second captures a moment of eternity,” and this is what the exhibition aims to convey.

© Bob Willoughby

The Vernissage will be held at the Hôtel du Cap in the Antibes on May 15th, coinciding with the annual Cannes Film Festival.