Art Basel Miami 2014

The international art community knows where toNOVA_47_CANAL_5283 meet each winter: Miami Beach, USA, where North America and Latin America meet. This December, more than 73,000 artists, collectors, gallerists, curators and art enthusiasts attended the 2014 edition of Art Basel at the Miami Beach Convention Center in an explosion of colours and enthusiasm. Miami ranks among America’s most iconic cities, with its long sandy beaches, classic Art Deco architecture, world-class museums and an exciting nightlife. ABMB launched a new sector this year, Survey, featuring “art-historical projects” from 13 galleries including two rare “Tir-Assemblages” by Niki de Saint Phalle, outsider art by Henry Darger and mid-20th century works by Brazilian artist Alfredo Volpe. Garbage made beautiful, green raindrops suspended in the air, people turned into sculptures, no material, concept or shock-element was foreign to the fair. The original “sectors” including Nova, Positions and Kabinett, all the big outdoor and public art projects in Collins Park were also part of the fair. At Art Basel Miami Beach, art viewing and deep discussions govern your days while partying and becoming art takes over your nights. From clubs to boats and private pop up venues, artists, celebrities and big brands take over the city to celebrate art in various ways.



The 267 galleries that exhibited artwork throughout the 9 brainwash_muralsectorscame from various big cities: New York, Hong Kong, Paris, Rio, Chicago, London, Madrid, Cape Town, Zurich, Milan etc. From eclectic paintings and provocative sculptures to street art such as pop artist Mr. Brainwash’s interactive mural featuring iconic Burger King food or him adorning the Monalisa’s wrist with a watch, surprises weren’t short in supply. Added a fun twist to the fair, Andre 3000 of Outkast, filmmaker Greg Brunkella and painter Jimmy O’Neal collaborated to produce a show featuring 48 jumpsuits worn by Andre to his performances, each with a statement slogan such as “make love like war” and “big girls are beautiful to me, showing that performers can be artists in their own way.

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