Thierry Stern Reveal Patek Philippe 175 Years Plans at Basel World 2014 Part 2/3

Talking to Thierry Stern , President of Patek Philippe, about the brand 175 years anniversary and why it will happen end of the year not during Basel world 2014.

Enjoy watching the video interview to hear it all in the own words of President Stern, part of the 175 years anniversary a whole new futuristic booth at Basel World 2014.

Thierry Stern 1 patek-philippe-portraits_18 copyright James BortToday, May 1, 2014, I am happy to announce the 175th anniversary of Patek Philippe, and the imminent launch of a special timeline at to showcase our history – the longest uninterrupted history of any watch brand. The timeline will be continuously enriched throughout the year, with fascinating stories from our past and present.

We believe that one of the secrets of our success has been our independence (we are the last family-owned watch manufacture in Geneva). Over the years, this freedom has allowed us to be truly creative, innovative, and pioneering – as demonstrated in our impressive repertoire of patents, our unique designs, and our dedication to rare handcrafts.

My great grandfather, Charles Stern, and his brother Jean, took the reins of Patek Philippe in 1932. It was Charles’ son – my grandfather, Henri Stern -and my father, Philippe, who inspired my passion to stay true to the vision of the company’s founders, and to keep creating and producing the best watches in the world.

I feel proud to be at the company’s helm during this most important historical milestone. And I look forward to maintaining the long-standing spirit of creativity and innovation for which the company is known.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for sharing our passion for Patek Philippe.


Yours sincerely

Thierry Stern

New Booth Patek Philippe 2014

Patek Philippe reveals its New Booth at Baselworld 2014: A luminous glass pavilion that embodies technological innovation and the brand’s timeless elegance 

Patek Philippe marks its presence at Baselworld 2014 with a new and original booth, both futuristic and functional to strongly illustrate the brand’s core values. Modern and yet timeless, the transparent and luminous pavilion replaces the previous one disclosed in 1999. It presents the entire Patek Philippe collection in outward facing showcases to underline the company spirit of transparency and open communication to the world. The striking design embodies the balance between innovation and institution. 

The new booth, which serves as a translucent showcase on the occasion of the world’s largest watchmaking event, embodies the founding values of the brand and reaffirms Patek Philippe’s notorious independence. Combining innovation, tradition and functionality in its aesthetic design, the pavilion stems from the concept of a huge transparent glass shield to best reveal the timeless beauty of its timepieces displayed toward the outside, while the inside harbors the bustling activities of a watchmaking company during a major exhibition.

The pavilion sets the universe of the brand in a bright glass structure and provides an exceptional venue for exhibiting, interacting with clients and working in a functional and elegant environment that is totally befitting to Patek Philippe watches.

A luminous booth offering extended space 

Thierry SternIn 2014 the Patek Philippe booth remains in its usual location in Hall 1.0 of Baselworld, but its ground area increases to 630 sqm while its total area, which previously reached 955 sqm, now encompasses 1,500 sqm on three levels. This enlarged space accommodates various functional and exhibition rooms, including 16 outward facing showcases, a dozen sales rooms, several conference and meeting rooms, kitchens, a bar and a restaurant, as well as technical and storage space.

The timeless design focuses on innovation in the exhibition part of the booth and welcome areas at the forefront, and on tradition in the back areas dedicated to offices and services. The front part serves the exhibition and lounge activities with aesthetic design to welcome clients and visitors while the back part is primarily functional to allow busy activities and services.

The architect Ottavio Di Blasi chose glass and steel as the basic materials for the pavilion: 117 glass elements weighing 70 tons were assembled on a structure made of 125 tons of steel to build a glass envelope of 600 sqm. The glass structure reveals 16 exhibition showcases. Inside the pavilion, the central structure is made of 400 sqm of backlit Corian®. In addition, 5 km of LED strips serve to illuminate this construction transformed into a gigantic pavilion of light.

Quality and Craftsmanship 

The values of quality and craftsmanship of the Geneva watchmaking brand are embodied in various ways in the new booth. For instance, a semitransparent curved wall was handcrafted with more than 5 km of leather strips. As with precious timepieces, it took more than two years of architectural and engineering work to execute this amazing structure. The sophisticated custom-made glass joints were carefully studied to minimize the metal parts, thus pushing the limits of technology to achieve extreme transparency in this revolutionary construction.

The interior decoration is extremely welcoming, aiming to appeal to the senses and emotions of visitors. The interior design of the lounges is in line with the Patek Philippe Corners and Boutiques concept. The showcases are visible to the public from the outside, creating a surprise with the presentation of all the Patek Philippe collections, namely 191 timepieces in total, including a special focus on new watches. An innovative showcase dedicated to movements presents 50 different calibers with detailed information on screen. Visuals and films about the new collections and the company workshops will satisfy the most curious watch enthusiasts.

In addition, an exclusive area of 35 m2 inside the booth is entirely dedicated to the exhibition of Rare Handcrafts timepieces which also make the unparalleled reputation of Patek Philippe. A number of photos and videos complete the exhibition of rare traditional handcrafts.

Leading-edge communication technology 

The Patek Philippe booth features the latest in communication technology to allow increased interaction and display of rich digital content thanks to a huge outside screen as well as many smaller screens and tablets inside. These devices serve to run documentaries and films on rare handcrafts, product information, exceptional timepieces, the quality of watch movements and cases, as well as the variety of calibers.

On the occasion of its anniversary year, Patek Philippe marks its presence at Baselworld with a new booth that embodies its core values. The company has taken part in this world fair since 1931.