The Next Original Party at Most Original Club in Dubai

Part of its regional global campaign, Stoli held the next original party for the most original people of Dubai city. The party took place at Club Republique, located at the world’s most original area Downtown Burj Dubai. The place was turned upside down, with full red color.

The venue entrance welcomed guests with a sign board – a sign ‘in’ for the original people and sign ‘out’ for non original people. The place was plastered with Stoli’s campaign in search for the next original person. Winners will get the chance to win trip of a lifetime to Los Angeles and zero gravity travel experience.

Four brand ambassadors were performing that night, Jaywud, May El Calamawy, Dj Natalie Brogan and DJ Mike. They gave their best with outstanding tunes, vocals and live interactions, making the night even more original at club Republique. Original clubbers left with a big smile.