A Real Incarnation Of Passion: Bovet’s Pascal Raffy

Raffy actually left behind his academic law background and a career in pharmaceuticals to pursue his passion for timepieces. A bold move that paid well.

In an interview with Pascal, he tells us that the key topascal_raffy_bovet_001 mixing values and tradition with luxury is for the item to have a clear identity. When we ask if Bovet Fleurier timepieces are handmade by artisans and watchmakers, Raffy is quick to remove his watch from his wrist to show us exactly what he is talking about; he gently dismantles it and with a few magician-like hand gestures, turns it into a table clock then into a regular pocket watch, demonstrating the uniqueness of this hand crafted piece.


Pascal Raffy defines luxury as being welcomed and serviced well; one does not go without the other. In that context, he finds Dubai to truly fit this definition.

Finally, with a warm and friendly smile, he shares a few personal thoughts with us, which in turn, we share with you in this video.