Jean-Claude Biver: An Unwavering Confidence In The Watch Industry

We began by asking Biver about his new position at TAG Heuer. Ever-so humble, he says that for him, “(…) it doesn’t change because [I’m] responsible for the results.” He goes on stating that “(…) the failures are [my] responsibility” but that “the success is the responsibility of the team.” Overseeing all three brands –Hublot, TAG Heuer and Zenith– Biver has no shortage of responsibilities.

Intrigued, we press on, insisting to know more about Biver’s upcoming strategy for TAG, the younger Swiss avant-garde watch brand in the LVMH portfolio. Biver admits: “The avant-garde concept is a very difficult concept because you constantly have to be ahead of your time,” but asserts that both TAG Heuer and Hublot have mastered the art of disruption with their forward-thinking timepieces.

We turn the conversation to wearable technology, a hot commodity of the moment that’s forecasted to transform into a multibillion dollar industry in the coming years. When we ask if we can expect wearable technology from TAG anytime soon, Biver confesses “Probably yes.” He says that the brand is working on it and investing in it. In the increasingly competitive marketplace, TAG Heuer is seeking a brand differentiator, and this just might be it. On the current status of the Swiss Franc, Jean-Claude Biver comments with confidence: “We are not in a crisis. We are in life!”

We attempt to ask for a sneak peek of the novelties that will be presented at BaselWorld in March, but Biver declines to indulge our eager ears. He did hint, however, that “There will be better and more novelties in Basel than ever.” We’ll be sure to catch up with the brands there!

Before signing off, the sage Jean-Claude Biver leaves us by wishing all viewers good luck and happiness and concludes with this sincere thought: “If you have health, if you have love, if you have passion… you are in paradise.”

Catch our full interview with one of the most influential and captivating voices in watchmaking, in this video.