Jacques Tedeschi Talks About the Debut and Strength of BOMBERG Watches

Talking to Jacques Tedeschi , BOMBERG MEA Director, about the brand inception, novelties, global and regional presence, as well about his career from HUBLOT  to BOMBERG. Enjoy watching the video interview to hear it all.

Creativity is the ability to think “outside the box” according to Rick de la Croix, Chairman of BOMBERG. His vision is to create and establish a longstanding watch brand with international exposure, creating a new, uncontested market space rather than competing in an existing one; a brand, which is not so much focussing on potential competitors, but rather concentrates on the needs and desires of its target community, capturing demand as it happens. 

BOMBERG was launched on a worldwide basis in 2013 in Basel, Switzerland. The immediate success of its totally disruptive 1968 collection inspired the brand to further develop the nonconforming characteristic of its products. The result one year later: BOLT-68. The collection’s name itself carries the entire brand DNA: “68” in reference to one of the most significant years of the 20th Century which ushered in new social parameters and changes, and “bolt” to emphasise the collection’s strength and designed impact. Chic and bold, twisted and functional, rebellious yet totally in line with its community’s distinctiveness: this is the paradox of BOLT-68.

BOMBERG is also unique in its marketing strategy. The brand addresses an urban public who is mobile and permanently connected, sharing and informing itself on an on-going basis over the net. The brand is involved in its customer communities wherever they are, both online and offline. Based on this direct marketing approach it is presently developing a series of marketing activities which will be fully in line with Generation Y’s mind-set and aspirations. The brand’s pricing strategy follows these guide-lines.

BOMBERG cuts to the chase and tries to match its message to its customers’ expectations and wants and to its distribution network. “We involve our partners, distributors and customers in our campaigns and, together, we grab our community’s attention by the scruff of the neck“, explains Rick de la Croix.

In keeping with this different brand policy, BOMBERG is establishing its own permanent base as per 26 March 2014 at Isteinerstrasse 90 in Basel, Switzerland, in the “HOUSE OF BOMBERG”.

BOMBERG’s collections have been available in Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Venezuela since 2012. In 2013, BOMBERG launched in the following markets: The Middle East, the Caribbean, Peru, Italy, the Netherlands, and Greece. Other markets, including Switzerland, will be open to consumers from this spring.