Ermenegildo Zegna Made to Measure

When young Ermenegildo Zegna first launched his dream of becoming the most important Italian manufacturer of precious fabrics, and founded Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna (Zegna Wool Mill) in 1910 in his home town of Trivero, his quest to procure the finest available wool, cashmere and mohair pushed him toward distant lands such as Australia, Mongolia and South Africa to find it. Still today, the most valuable lots of wool and other noble fibers travel from far-off countries all the way to Italy’s Lanificio Zegna located 700 meters above sea level in the mountainous region surrounding the city of Biella. Here Zegna transforms these precious natural fibers into superfine yarns, and fabrics that are unsurpassed in terms of quality, fineness and wearability.

IMG_05332Skillfully mixing the yarn with wool fibers and other raw materials, Zegna has reached great lengths in the perfection of its fabrics. To better understand the degree of its extraordinary achievement in creating Zegna wool yarn from 17 microns (for extra fine quality fabrics) to 13 microns (for ultrafine fabrics), just think that a single human hair is 50 to 60 microns and the most flexible Scottish tweeds measure 35 microns. The most exclusive of these premium fabrics is the “Vellus Aureum Selection.” Averaging a mere 11.5 microns, all “Vellus Aureum” wool fleeces entered in the annual Vellus Aureum Trophy competition are transformed by Lanificio Zegna into some of the most beautiful fabrics that man has ever known. Only enough for 60 “Vellus Aureum Trophy Selection” cut lengths are produced annually, as nature limits the supply. These highly exclusive fabrics are then artfully crafted into Ermenegildo Zegna Made to Measure suits, customized to the requirements of tailoring connoisseurs around the world and characterized by precious personalized details. From hand-carved buttons to the engraving of the client’s name or initials on the garment bag and hanger, every step is executed with extreme care by expert craftsmen who share Ermenegildo Zegna’s passion for excellence. As a finishing touch of customization, the customer’s own name is woven onto the selvedge of each cut length.

Made to Measure Casual Luxury:

To complete the comprehensive Made to Measure offer, Zegna launched the Casual Luxury Project in 2014. The new project focuses on made-to-measure attire including unstructured jackets, premium cashmere knitwear and weather-resistant outerwear, thus guaranteeing the customer perfect fitting clothing for any informal event or occasion. As with all Made to Measure services, the Casual Luxury

Project is designed to reflect the individuality of each customer and accompany him in the selection of unique, contemporary and elegantly casual clothing. Jackets and knitwear are joined by custom-tailored trench coats and blazers available in five different outerwear fabrics including cashmere, wool and silk. Leather and suede jackets are also made-to-measure, guaranteeing the perfect combination between fit and range of motion.



  • The Made to Measure service was launched in 1972
  • Made to Measure is a natural evolution of Zegna’s unsurpassed excellence in fabric innovation and  tailoring excellence
  • The service provides a completely personalized sartorial experience
  • Made to Measure enables Zegna to dress any gentleman in the manner best-suited for his style,  personality, measurements and body type
  • From a custom suit to a complete wardrobe, Zegna is able to deliver Made to Measure attire within  just 3-4 weeks
  • Every Made to Measure garment features the same unmistakable craftsmanship that has  characterized the brand



  • Made to Measure fabrics are expertly woven within Lanificio Zegna, founded in 1910 in Trivero,  Italy and located 700 meters above the sea level
  • Zegna transforms the most precious noble fibers into superfine yarns and fabrics that are  unsurpassed in terms of quality, fineness and wearability
  • Zegna wool yarn from 17 micron (extra fine quality) to 13 micron (ultrafine fabrics) can be compared to a single human hair (50 to 60 micron)
  • The most exclusive premium fabric is the “Vellus Aureum Selection” which averages a mere 11.5  microns
  • Only enough for 60 “Vellus Aureum Trophy Selection” cut lengths are produced annually, as nature  limits the supply
  • Made to Measure features a collection of over 700 fabrics, including 200 fabrics specifically created for each season

IMG_13721Made to Measure Attire

  • A Made to Measure suit is both priceless and very personal for the wearer
  • Each garment bears the distinctive combination of luxurious fabrics and sartorial excellence that  has distinguished Zegna for over a century
  • Made to Measure attire is individually fitted, then cut and sewn. The garment is then further  customized with exclusive details and special touches
  • The combination of cut, fabric, model and finishing touches allows Zegna to create virtually tens of thousands of individual product SKUs
  • Made to Measure clothing rigorously defends the value of sartorial excellence and the importance  of a style exclusively personal and individual

IMG_13241Verticalization Guarantees Excellence

  • No one can offer the level of personalization and exclusivity that characterize Ermenegildo Zegna Made to Measure
  • From wool to yarn to exquisite fabrics, menswear and couture apparel, every step is perfectly  executed within the fully verticalized company structure
  • The boutique approach to industrial craftsmanship distinguishes Lanificio Zegna from almost every other fabric manufacturer, as most use yarn sourced from external suppliers
  • Zegna exacts absolute control on each of the processes from beginning to end to guarantee quality and consistency
  • By managing the entire process starting with the sourcing of the fibers themselves Zegna delivers  an unmatched level of excellence and uniqueness


IMG_07001The Made to Measure Offer

Made to Measure Attire

  • Zegna is able to deliver fully customized items within 3-4 weeks with the same unmistakable  craftsmanship that characterizes the brand
  • The comprehensive service provides custom-made suits, jackets, trousers and overcoats as well as shirts, ties and personalized accessories

The Personalization Project

  • A unique part of Made to Measure whereby no more than 100 suits per season are made from  fabric specifically created for the client
  • Launched in 2012, the project offers the customer the unique privilege of designing his own personal fabric and finishing touches
  • This personalized fabric is further customized with his name, or a personal message, woven into the selvedge

Made to Measure Casual Luxury

  • Launched in 2014, the service guarantees unique, perfectly-fitted and elegantly casual clothing for any informal event or occasion
  • Unstructured jackets, premium cashmere knitwear and weather-resistant outerwear is designed to reflect the individuality of each customer
  • Leather and suede jackets are also made-to-measure, guaranteeing the perfect combination between fit and range of motion