The Dolder Grand, Zurich: Exalted standards for a lofty hotel

High above a snow-covered Zurich stands a sanctuary of relaxation, pleasure and exclusivity, The Dolder Grand. Overlooking the city and lake, facing the Alps and surrounded by greenery, this castle-like 5 star hotel has survived a long history and collected 25 international and local awards, including “Architecture of the Year”, “Hotel of the Year”, several Bilanz magazine and SonntagsZeitung “newspaper “Ranking 1 in Best Swiss City Hotels” and “Hotel Chef of the Year”.

thedolder_090You can always expect a warm welcome at The Dolder Grand, and that is how we were received during our stay there earlier this year. My junior spa-side suite was vast and comfortable, with a large bathroom and an in-suite spa connected to both the walk-in closet and the living room, offering a personal relaxing experience.

Aside from the personal spas, the hotel boasts a 4,000 square meters award winning spa, an oasis of wellbeing for the mind and body using European and Japanese influences.


I opted for Garden Restaurant for dinner, the hotel’s all-day dining venue. Brightly lit by day, cozy by night, the cosmopolitan restaurant serves light, European cuisine with modern Swiss interpretations. Ushered to my table with a smile, I sat by the bay window giving on an outdoors, frozen pool surrounded by huge parasols adorned with beads of light.

Slowly enjoying a 2007 Swiss Pinot Noir recommended by the waiter as an aperitif, I studied the menu and order a full three course meal.

thedolder_128A mouthwatering amuse-bouche meant as an appetite opener was a perfect opening to the dinner: snowflake shaped cream topped with tomato, and guarded by three green chili avocado cubes. Simple yet delicious.

The waiter offered to help again when I was looking at the diverse spirits menu; we pair a nice, mild, non-complex wine with the starter which makes for an interesting mix of flavors. A tender terrine that melts in your mouth and succulent pieces of pork are neatly placed at each side of a mixed greens salad, all of which lay on a bed of mashed potato. The cream and pork sweetly warm up your palate and stomach for the upcoming main course, while the green leaves add a touch of freshness. The variation from fresh to hot ingredients on the same plate makes it seem like you had two different starters. Although the pork wasn’t too dry, I liked it better when mixed with the dressing and mashed potato.


The main course was as grandiose as the hotel itself!  A generous piece of white fish “swimming” in a sea of green sauerkraut cream, accompanied by pan-fried potato and topped with bursts of yellow, orange and green vegetables. The dish left a pleasant and unforgettable aftertaste in my mouth.

After such a sweet dinner, I gladly welcomed a bitter desert: hazelnut and balsamic mouse with a spiraling raspberry coulis.

As its name proudly says it, the hotel is indeed “grand”.  Prominent figures and celebrities such as Henry Kissinger, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Hilary Clinton, Liz Taylor, Leonardo Di Caprio and The Rolling Stones -who were the inspiration behind one of the suites- have visited or vacationed at the hotel.

Enjoy our video review and the below photo gallery while you plan your visit there too!

Address: Kurhausstrasse 65  8032 Zürich , Schweiz

Tel: +41 44 456 60 00

Fax: +41 44 456 60 01