Anfasic Dokhoon Launches their New Scent “Shay Rouge” at the Galeries Lafayette


On April 25th, 2012, the Emirati Perfume House, Anfasic Dokhoon launched Shay Rouge- its new limited edition scent to be sold only at the the Galeries Lafayette. The fragrance’s name “Shay Rouge” encompasses not only what Anfasic Dokhoon stands for but also elaborates on the Galeries Lafayette’s image. The rich red bottle represents Galeries Lafayette’s identity, while the name is one that pays homage to Arabian prestige and French glamour. Once translated, Rouge is French for red, but also “lipstick” in both French and Arabic. Shay on the other hand means “wow” when spoken in the Emirati dialect. In translation, it is the scent of a “wow red lipstick”. The aromas are an orchestra of cherry, rose, osmanthus and oud created by the most talented Mohamad Hilal, featured in a luxurious red bottle adorned with a 24 Karat gold-plated charm that represents Anfasic Dokhoon’s signature flower embellished with a red crystal.

Mohamad Hilal, founder and creater of Shay Rouge was a former Emirates Airlines pilot turned perfumier and he tells us a little about the inspiration for his scent. “Creativity is always triggered by a deep fascination, my predilection for perfumery comes from the emotions a scent can diffuse”. He tells us that the inspiration for the scent came from his Emirati heritage and years of experience living in the Emirates. He continues to say, “this project has a multiple facets, for decades us, people from the Gulf, have been enjoying culture, history and luxury coming from the West, it is time for us to start sharing our culture, our sense of luxury and our innovations with the rest of the world.”

Mohamad Hilals partner, and Managing Director, Olimpia Tabbach Mascolo was the official spokesperson at the grand event, and shares with us their thoughts on the concept and strength behind a scent. “Wearing a fragrance is an invitation to discover who you are, wearing Shay Rouge is an olfactory encounter with unexplored sophistication, a true mirror of Dubai’s glamorous lifestyle”. It is for this reason that Shay Rouge is a scent that encompasses beauty, femininity, as well as elegance.

Mr. Pascal Abchee, General Manager of the Galeries Lafayette, also makes a statement regarding their collaboration with Shay Rouge, as he says “We pride ourselves on our dedication to, and appreciation of, well-honed craftsmanship. Shay Rouge is an ideal project of encapsulating Galeries Lafayette’s elegance in an Emirati art scent.”

Mohamad Hilal and Olimpia T. Mascolo in cooperation with Galeries Lafayette’s have truly embarked on a project that speaks simplicity of style, beauty, and elegance. Anfasic Dokhoon, and their sensational creation Shay Rouge will soon be a very familiar scent on Arabic and Western women alike.