Abu Dhabi 5th Film Festival VIP Lounge – A Lavish Experience

We at PingDubai.com always strive to get you the latest news from behind the scenes. This time it’s from the Abu Dhabi 5th Film Festival VIP Lounge.

The 8th and 9th floor of the Fairmont Hotel was full of celebrities who came to relax, mingle, and get ready for their big screening opening night. The event, divided into several rooms was heaven for guests to experience lavish lifestyle.

Makeup Forever VIP Lounge offered the best hair dressing and make up services. Entertainment services including BlackBerry Playbooks and RedBull F1 console games gave guests a chance to have fun while enjoying exclusive Moet Champagne served from their exclusive bars.

Gift bags with loads of gadgets, fragrances, clothing items and more where there for guests to take.

A special room for Jaeger-LeCoultre where their best and latest collections where showcased and admired by all.