Mercedes-Benz S-Class ‘Car of the Year’ and ‘Best Luxury Sedan’ at 2014 Middle East Car of the Year Awards

Recognized for its ‘Intelligent Drive’, ‘Efficient Technology’, ‘Essence of Luxury’ and uncompromising  performance by a select panel of judges across the Middle East, the new S-Class pledges loyalty to its line by maintaining its standing in the luxury automotive segment. A modern representation of classic architecture with a flowing silhouette, the sedan starts off on the elegant design of Mercedes-Benz 1930s cars, roaring up to a sophisticated, sporty form.

In the words of Mike Belk, CEO of Daimler Middle East and Levant: “To receive two awards at the Middle East Car of the Year is indeed an honour for Mercedes-Benz and recognizes our leadership position in the luxury automotive segment. Since its inception, the S-Class has always set the benchmark in the luxury segment and the new S-Class continues this tradition.”

The new S-Class

MECOTY nominees underwent a strict review process over a seven month period, where a panel of expert judges evaluated various criteria: Design & Quality (Exterior & Interior), Emotional Appeal & Driver Satisfaction, Handling and Drivability, Value for Money (New Purchase & Resale), Safety & Durability, Comfort & Practicality, Performance & Capability, Environmental Friendly, Technological Innovation and Regional Appeal. The carefully-studied procedure, coupled with the objectivity of the regional judges, confirmed the independent characteristic of the awards, ensuring a stronger impartiality for car manufacturers.

The new S-Class is available in the GCC with a starting price of USD 108,700.