Embrace The Dark Side: Aston Martin DB11 Shadow Edition

The Aston Martin DB11 range needs no introduction. Whether the V12 or V8, these sports cars are the cream of the crop in the luxury sports car sector. Even the darkest and broodiest of them can bring joy to its owners. Such is the carmaker’s latest design, an appealing new style treatment in dark colors. And from the dark emerges the DB11 Shadow Edition.

Available for V8-powered models and limited to 300 units globally, the Shadow Edition is available in either a Coupe or a Volante body style, with all the elements which make it a segment-defining GT. The addition: a unique selection of design features that further reinforce its sporting character.

Those bespoke features include gloss black bonnet blades; matching 20″ directional alloy wheels; polished black chrome wings and script badges; unique black anodised Shadow Edition sill plaques and a leather sports steering wheel. For those who prefer an all-black look for that extra touch of mystery, an optional pack including the gloss black features of the upper glasshouse is available, instantly changing the standard body-coloured panels to gloss black, for a total immersion in the Shadow Edition theme.

And in this era of customization, customers can have their car identify to their style even more by opting for one of the various differentiating color themes that run throughout the car including six defined exterior colors.

To quote Bane, “You think darkness is your ally?” [The DB11 Shadow Edition] “was born in it. Molded by it.” This is one instance being on the dark side won’t make you a villain.