About Us

In a world that is now High Definition…

MRPINGLIFE, a luxury lifestyle digital media platform setting trends and influencing those who appreciate the finer things in life.
With the tap of a button, open your world to the hottest happenings around the globe.
With a genuine and unique approach, we reveal lifestyle trends and serve as a guide to all the must-sees, must-haves, must-dos…

The MRPINGLIFE Team lives its digital life in the real world, bringing analog online. To meet your needs, our passionate editors give you exclusive, first-hand experiences on watches, cars, cigars, hospitality and entertainment. You will also get a taste of the trendiest restaurants and lounges through one of a kind reviews and images.

In this era of imagery, our rich media content in an innovative format brings the world to life. Pictorials with photo, video and text content are available for our readers at any time.

It is a purely digital brand and media platform, and in the digital world, you need to ping addresses to check if they are alive. So why not PING the world of luxury and fine living? Watches, cigars, cars, yachts, jets, cities, hotels, fashion, jewellery, food and more in the real world.
A vision from 2012, fully implemented today via live stories in the social media sphere.

Why Dubai?
Driven by the belief that Dubai is the heart of the Gulf and the luxury hub of the world. MRPINGLIFE was launched late 2011 as PINGDUBAI, then later rebranded to what it is today, for its globally recognized content and influence.

Why PING Luxury?
With the trends moving fast in all industries, and content spreading all over the world whether through press coverage or social media: photos, videos, comments and more, we spread luxury in various sectors to every connoisseur and aficionado.
We bring you exclusive stories -features as well as social media stories- that survive the test of time, with behind the scenes knowledge offering you more about brands, products, experiences, and how they are made with passion. We focus on the details from A to Z by reaching the top people behind these brands and trends.
Simply, that’s how we share luxury.