Jay Sean “hits the lights” live at Dubai’s People by Crystal


“Landed in Dubai! I love this place! It’s like a second home now,” tweeted British singer-songwriter and R&B star Jay Sean, upon arriving to the UAE for his performance on Friday at Dubai’s most popular club, People.

It was no surprise the club was packed by midnight, with Dubai’s party people gathering for some much needed weekend fun. Jay Sean, black T-shirt, black vest, black shades and a gold chain around his neck, appeared at “People’s” center area around 1:30am, enflaming the joyful mood with his famous “Hit The Lights”.

With a wild crowd dancing along to the song, Jay Sean welcomed his fans with: “I love it when I see you guys enjoy yourselves! I love to see you dance.” And enjoy themselves they did! “Ride It”, “I’m Yours” and “Down” followed, lifting the ambiance even higher. Topping the performance under a shower of glimmering golden confetti, with his latest single “So High”, Jay Sean shouted “jump, jump, jump” to the crowd, before thanking everyone for the great vibe.

DJ Yuri took the night away with commercial beats and dance tracks, confirming once again, that Dubai’s clubbing scene is one to be envied.